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Recommendations by Staff, Governors and Parents/Carers


'As a single form entry school, working with Purleigh has given me the chance to share practise with colleagues working in the same year group, sharing good practise and comparing work of children in the same year group.'


'Working in partnership is the way forward. Collaborating and sharing knowledge can only prove beneficial for all; staff, parents and most importantly pupils.'


'Working for a trust allows for the individual teacher to develop knowledge in a collaborative and supportive way beyond their own school and classroom.  The wealth of experiences provides support for effective professional development with current practices being reviewed and new initiatives embraced'


'Working in a single form entry school can be lonely so it is useful to have a colleague in a partner school to share best practice, teaching strategies and ideas'


'The benefits are evident for all to see; the opportunities are seemingly endless'


'Improvements in teaching are well led. The impact of the programme of professional development, and sharing of practice with Purleigh Primary School, is very clear in lessons'  


'There is clear evidence that teaching has improved as a result of the school's training and the links formed with Purleigh Primary School'


'The partnership work with Purleigh Primary School has proved highly effective.  Staff from the two schools have trained together and observed each other's work.  Both schools recognise and learn from highly effective practice in each school'


'Sharing best practice with another school can be both inspiring and reassuring'