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Key Aims and Outcomes

The Eveleigh LINK Academy Trust

Key Aims and Outcomes


‚ÄčThe Eveleigh LINK Academy Trust aims to provide the highest standards of education by;


  • Providing all pupils within the trust with an education that enables them to fulfil their potential while developing social and interaction skills that prepare them for adulthood


  • Creating a culture within which all members of the schools' communities demonstrate outstanding practice and learning


  • Identifying potential leaders and providing the opportunities to develop this potential through collaborative practice


  • Ensuring that all members of staff are given a structured and rigorous programme of development that ensures they become creative and skilled practitioners, able to deliver excellence


The Eveleigh LINK Academy Trust. Responding to a desire to create effective collaborative of school to school systems, with outcomes of high academic attainment and achievement standards,  as well as a deeply life enriching experience for the early and formative years of all pupils.


The foundations of a tightly interconnected, mutually supportive system of schools are:


Exceptional teaching and learning.  A nurturing Learning Culture for a Culture of Learning. Our active aim is the bright future for all of our children, positive professional development and opportunity for staff and the affirmation of a strong, systematic organisation for all stakeholders.


Highly effective, inspirational leadership and best value resource management with a vision for collaborative, supportive systems and a determination to respond to, create and establish exemplary practice across the board for our schools today and  tomorrow .


Enrichment, enjoyment and well-being are essential.  Life experiences are essential to mind growth and so high quality academic and educational enrichment are our commitment. Staff well-being and work life balance are key indicators for us of a healthy organisation.


Inclusion. All individuals in our family of schools are valued, supported, respected and guided towards the achievement of their potential through all possible opportunities.


Strong core values guide the range of key understandings, behaviours and attitudes within and across our academy system and are embraced by all.


In TELAT we value:  Learning, Respect, Inclusion, Family Values and British Values, Self-motivation, Determination, Collaborative Action, Teamwork, Caring, Empathy, Sharing and Celebration.


For progress to be made within our academies a strong bedrock is required. The following values form a strong bedrock in each of our academies: Learning, Leadership, Enrichment, Inclusion and Respect.